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Hey! I’m Michael, a Hawke’s Bay Photographer. I live in Napier, it's a cool town. Welcome! My work takes me all over New Zealand and I love seeing and photographing people and places. I love editing wedding photography, engagement shoots, couple shoots, proposal sessions, maternity shoots and lifestyle newborn shoots. When I’m not working I’m all about family, friends, hiking, music, film, art, tech and design. Of late I've been a bit of an audiophile geek and love vinyl, CD as well as high res streaming, so we could argue about the merits and pitfalls of MQA and other formats if you know what that kind of stuff is and want to fight me, haha x

I have been editing weddings for 11 years. I have extensive experience with Adobe Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop, Photo Mechanic and Narrative Select. I must have edited well over 100 weddings at this stage, and processed over a million images through culling.

I've been a full time professional wedding photographer since December 2015, after quitting my day job working in an office in Auckland and relocating with my family to Napier, Hawke’s Bay. I am now offering my expertise in editing to your style and preference to further support my family and supplement my wedding income.

Pricing & Packages


You send me your lightroom catalogue with all the images for your project. You tell me how many images you need selected, and I professionally judge which images should be chosen. Pricing is based on the total number of images you give me to cull.



You send me your culled selection of images, and I use the edits of the images you've already edited, plus view your galleries, to guide me to edit the wedding for you.



You send me your full folder of RAWs. I cull, edit a sneak peek within 5 days, and edit and deliver to your gallery including all image processing within 10 days.

$450 USD


No nasty suprise bills. Ever. Guaranteed.

You send me the images you want me to cull or edit. I assess how much work is needed and invoice you based on the work needed. If you agree, you pay the invoice and your work goes into my work queue. It's as simple as that.



How do I send you my images to cull or edit?

You will have your own Dropbox folder with me to receive and return your catalog of smart previews. You can send also send them on Google Drive if you prefer. I prefer these services due to their speed for me to upload and download to you.

Can you edit with my presets?

Yes, ideally if I am editing for you I will have a set of 40-100 images you've edited already so I can get a sense of your editing. Also for new clients I will send you a questionnaire of relevant questions to help me understand what you are after.

How much is your service?

Please see my pricing page for exact pricing but I will say that I work on a an agreed basis - we agree to what the service will cost and how many images I will edit or cull for you before you pay anything. For photographers in New Zealand - if I edit about 700 photos for you, at $0.25 per image and at the day of writing this it will cost about $255 NZD for me to edit for you.

Why have you priced in USD?

My service is offered worldwide, and USD one of the most commonly understood world currencies.

What happens if I'm not happy with the edits?

I recommend that you give me a trial before we work together, to show you what I can do. I will also send you a questionnaire asking relevant questions to make sure I get the best sense of what you want from my edit and what your style is. If you're not happy with my edits I want to put things right!

What do you use to edit? To Cull?

I use Adobe Lightroom Classic to edit using the smart previews that you send me, I cull with Narrative Select or Photo Mechanic.

What are your turnaround times?

I am currently on holiday, but from 27th January 2022 onwards my timeframe will be within 10 of receiving all information to complete the edit or cull for you.

Do you offer an end to end service?

Yes. For maximum productivity and time saving I can download all your RAWs, cull them, import them, apply your preset, deliver a sneak peek, and edit a full gallery. Pricing on this is on my pricing page.

I have another question

I'm all ears!